Software Engineering Research in the Bazaar

Authors: Ahmed E. Hassan Michael W. Godfrey Richard C. Holt

Venue: ICSE   1st ICSE Workshop on Open Source Software Engineering, 2001

Year: 2001

Abstract: During the last five years, our research group has stud- ied the architecture and evolution of several large open source systems — including Linux, GCC, VIM, Mozilla, and Apache — and we have found that open source soft- ware systems often exhibit interesting differences when compared to similar commercially-developed systems. Our investigations of these systems have involved the creation of software architecture models, software ar- chitecture repair, the creation of a reference architec- ture for web servers, the study of evolution and growth of open source systems, and the modelling of architec- tural properties of systems that are apparent only at build time.


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Plain Text:

Ahmed E. Hassan, Michael W. Godfrey, and Richard C. Holt, "Software Engineering Research in the Bazaar," 1st ICSE Workshop on Open Source Software Engineering