Unified use case statecharts: case studies

Authors: Davor Svetinovic Daniel M. Berry Nancy A. Day Michael W. Godfrey

Venue: Requirements Engineering, Vol. 12, No. 4, pp. 245–264, 2007

Year: 2007

Abstract: This paper presents the results of case studies evaluating a method of unifying use cases (UCs) to derive a unified statechart model of the behavior of the domain of a proposed computer-based system. An evaluation of the unification method, the obtained statechart model of the domain, the method’s and model’s feedback on the UCs themselves, and how the method is used in requirements engineering practice was carried out by examining 58 software requirements specifications produced by 189 upper-year undergraduate and graduate students. The results of these studies independently confirm some of the benefits of building a unified SC mentioned in the works of Glinz; Whittle and Schumann; and Harel, Kugler, and Pnueli.


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Plain Text:

Davor Svetinovic, Daniel M. Berry, Nancy A. Day, and Michael W. Godfrey, "Unified use case statecharts: case studies," Requirements Engineering, pp. 245–264