Tool Support for Software Engineering Education

Authors: Spiros Mancoridis Richard C. Holt Michael W. Godfrey

Venue: ICSE   ICSE-16 Workshop on Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction, 1994

Year: 1994

Abstract: Although software engineering is a well-documented area of computer science, courses in software engineering frequently do not give students enough practical experience with concepts such as software design, prototyping, programming, debugging, program understanding, software reuse, and so on. As a result, computer science graduates to o often acquire a sound theoretical understanding of software engineering concepts, without practical experience using these concepts (a recurrent complaint from industry). We believe that this problem is partly due to a lack of appropriate tools for software engineering education. In this pap er we present an overview of the tools we have develop ed for software engineering education and how they are successfully being used in the instruction of a software engineering course at the University of Toronto.


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Plain Text:

Spiros Mancoridis, Richard C. Holt, and Michael W. Godfrey, "Tool Support for Software Engineering Education," ICSE-16 Workshop on Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction