Secure and portable database extensibility

Authors: Michael W. Godfrey Tobias Mayr Praveen Seshadri Thorsten von Eicken

Venue: ACM SIGMOD Record, Vol. 27, No. 2, pp. 390–401, 1998

Year: 1998

Abstract: The functionality of extensible database servers can be augmented by user-defined functions (UDFs). However, the server's security and stability are concerns whenever new code is incorporated. Recently, there has been interest in the use of Java for database extensibility. This raises several questions: Does Java solve the security problems? How does it affect efficiency?


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Plain Text:

Michael W. Godfrey, Tobias Mayr, Praveen Seshadri, and Thorsten von Eicken, "Secure and portable database extensibility," ACM SIGMOD Record, pp. 390–401