Evolution in Open Source Software: A Case Study

Authors: Michael W. Godfrey Qiang Tu

Venue: ICSME   2000 International Conference on Software Maintenance, 2000

Year: 2000

Abstract: Managing the software evolution for large open source software is a major challenge. Some factors that make software hard to maintain are geographically distributed development teams, frequent and rapid turnover of volunteers, absence of a formal means, and lack of documentation and explicit project planning. In this paper we propose remote and continuous analysis of open source software to monitor evolution using available resources such as CVS code repository, commitment log files and exchanged mail. Evolution monitoring relies on three principal services. The first service analyzes and monitors the increase in complexity and the decline in quality; the second supports distributed developers by sending them a feedback report after each contribution; the third allows developers to gain insight into the "big picture" of software by providing a dashboard of project evolution. Besides the description of provided services, the paper presents a prototype environment for continuous analysis of the evolution of GRASS, an open source software


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Plain Text:

Michael W. Godfrey and Qiang Tu, "Evolution in Open Source Software: A Case Study
        ," 2000 International Conference on Software Maintenance