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Hi, I'm Kilby! I'm an alumnus of the UW SWAG Lab. My fondest memories from Waterloo are of lunches with friends in the plaza, playing squash in the PAC, Mike's historical anecdotes, and Mei's strong opinions about food.

The most rewarding part of my Master's degree was learning about data science and machine learning. I gained experience coding several statistical machine learning algorithms from scratch, and I built and compared two unsupervised machine learning algorithms (Q-Learning, and Random Genetic Mutation) based on their ability to learn to play Snake.

For my Master's thesis, I examined an exciting area of improvement for bug prediction research, specifically that they assume all bugs are the same. To address this problem, I built two sets of machine learning models to predict bug attributes related to cost. The first set of models make predictions using code and process metrics, the others use vector embeddings from Code2Vec to make predictions based on code semantics.

I also have a background in visual art and design. This has been useful for building Android games and websites, but I find my visual design skills are also an enormous asset for presentations and data visualization. In my opinion, the way that data is presented is just as important as the data itself.


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Michael Godfrey